Albatros Aviation Services established in 2004 with the purpose of providing services in operation servcices y for aircraft, namely the L-39 and L 410 aircraft, with focus on operation abroad. Part of made uopup of advisory services as well as training for pilots and aircraft technicians.
In 2014 its activities were extended to cooperation with the Faculty of Aeronautics, Technical University Košice, to provide air training making use of the new L410-UVP flight simulator. The cooperation was aimed at the develeopment and implementation of new funcionalities of the simulator with the purpose of improving pilot training in extreme and critical flight conditions. The company is making use of the long-term experiences of military technical specialists and military pilots in the field of servicing and operating military aviation equipment, L-39, L-410s in particular.
Currently engaged in activities in compliance with the regulations of the European Union concerning air operation safety . (EASA)

Representatives of the company

Miroslav Hájek
Aviation Engineer, currently Director of the Aviation Museum, STM, former member of the White Albatrosses aerobatic team.

  • Aircraft specialist, technician
  • Technician of maintenance B1 for aircraft in the category exceeding 5700 kg, as by EASA Qualification
  • Authorized expert in the field of Air Transportation, branch: Accidents in Air transportation, technical status and aircraft value appraisal

Curriculum Vitae - Miroslav Hájek

Ivan Gránsky
Electrical and Electronic Engineeer, longterm experiences in finacing and management

  • Managing Innovative Technology Companies
  • Financing Small- and Medium-sized Companies

Curriculum Vitae - Ivan Gránsky